YT Adskip

YT Adskip is an extension that automatically skips unwanted segments in a YouTube video. Click here for more details.

Adskip is installed and active in your browser.

Adskip is not installed. Click "Install YT Adskip" in the top menu to install it.

Known Segment Types

Ad, Sponsoring, Intro, Annoyance, SocialMedia, Donation, Mistake

Public Beta Reminder

This system is currently in public beta and some features are missing or incomplete.
During the beta, you can test it with this video by Kurzgesagt (if you install the script that is). It will skip the intro shortly after 1 minute and the sponsoring message at the end. There is no specific reason for this video to be chosen apart from containing blockable ranges.

There aren't many ranges blocked yet. Please give it some time or create an account and start blocking ranges to help others.
Like an ad blocker, the engine is community driven, it will not block things on its own

List of things that are not yet implemented:

* If you are interested in developing this, you can use the contact form. You can also make your own script because the API is public.

List of things that are fully working:

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