This application allows you to generate and print a QR code to make it easier to connect devices to your network. This code should work with all modern smartphones. The data you enter here will not be sent to our servers and stays within your browser.

If you are reading this on a smartphone or tablet, please note that this website is not intended to be used on a mobile device, because you are supposed to print the result and printing capabilities for mobile devices are still quite limited. You can of course just save the QR code for later use.

Please enter the name of your wifi network (also known as SSID). Names are case sensitive. Be sure to enter the name correctly.

If your wifi has a password, select the algorithm below and type in the password. If you are unsure about the type, it's probably WPA.

You can specify additional options for your network here. These are often not necessary and some of them depend on the encryption type. You can skip this page in most cases.

Additional WPA settings

The two values below are not always required. You can leave them blank if your network doesn't needs them.

You can customize the QR code display here

Increase only if you expect this code to be read under less than optimal conditions. This may increase the code size. The percentages are defined by the QR code standard and limited to the selection presented here. If you want to edit the QR code and add a custom logo to the center, select the highest value.

Note that unchecking these boxes is not a security measure. All information is contained in the QR code and anybody that is smart enough to type "qr code reader" into a search engine can extract all parameters, including the network name and password.

You can print this page now directly in your browser. Press CTRL+P to bring up the print dialog or click the button below. This message as well as the wizard controls will not appear on the print. Tip: the code looks best when you print this in landscape orientation.