Satisfactory Save File Editor

This application will not be updated anymore and is likely not compatible with the latest game versions. This page remains for historic reasons.
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The editor allows you to modify certain aspects of your satisfactory save game. It also provides tools to manage, back up and restore save files.

Comparison with other editors

This editor is not intended to edit every single aspect of the save file. It might eventually do it but it's not the primary use case for it. The primary use case is to provide bulk actions (for example restoring power slugs), cloning objects and removing buildings.
Because of the way it's written it's generally very resilient to satisfactory updates. It's almost always going to stay unaffected by changes to the game and you don't need to wait for a new editor version on each update. It works with the experimental and the regular version of the game.

Audio extraction

If you have the game installed, you can extract the audio files from it since version 2.0. Audio files include music, background noise and ADA messages. As an alternative, you can listen to the tracks using your web browser.


Download via (Current version: v3.2)
This is a single executable. No need to install or unpack. It runs "as-is".
It's written in dotNET version 4.6. Chances are, it will just run (especially if Windows Updates are enabled). If you can't run the executable, you might need to download the runtime. It works on Windows 7 and newer.

How to use

Open the save file using the File menu, then change it as needed using the provided menu options. If you get stuck, press F1

Other links

Source Code
Latest release notes
View Usage statistics

Building it for yourself

  1. Obtain Visual Studio (It's free to use)
  2. Install the .NET framework 4.6 Developer Pack
  3. Clone the repository at or download it as zip file and extract
  4. Open <ProjectFolder>\SatisfactorySaveEditor.sln in Visual studio
  5. Make sure "Release" is selected in the drop down in the toolbar
  6. Press F6
  7. Find your built executable at <ProjectFolder>\bin\Release\SatisfactorySaveEditor.exe

To change parts of the code, switch back to "Debug" and use F5 to test your code. The code has lots of comments and I tried to split it up between multiple classes. It should be easy to understand. Forking and pull requests on GitHub are welcome.

I usually try to only upload changes when they are working or at least not crashing the application, but be aware that the code of the repository could contain stuff that has not yet made it into the general release.

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