IPoAC calculator

This page allows you to calculate transfer rates of an IPoAC (pigeon) network where no packets are sent in parallel. All values you see are the defaults according to currently available technology.

In other words, you can calculate how much data you can transfer using pigeons if you know the capacity and weight, and inside what radius your network is faster than the competing connection.

Note: This application assumes a perfect world. No pigeons are lost, and the competing connection has no latency.

Storage media

The default storage media is a MicroSD card with 1 TB storage that weighs 500 milligrams. These are the latest results I found as of 2019-02-25


Below you can set the properties of the pigeon. The values are the defaults from the "Homing Pigeon" wikipedia article. The speed is an average over 1000 km. Maximum speed of a racing pigeon over short distances is 160 km/h. The carry weight is taken from the "postal carrier" chapter. You can select unreasonable amounts for a pigeon on purpose. This allows you to compare different methods, for example sneakernet or postal carriers.


Enter the connection the pigeon network competes against. We now have 10 gbit/s for home users available but use 1 gbit/s because it's more common. The fastest speed recorded on an internet connection was 1.4 Tbps. You can use a speed tester to measure your speed and use these values. Since we are sending data, use the upload speed value, not the download value.

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