E-Mail Test

This site performs a few tests on the address to see if it is valid. All tests are performed without connecting to a mail server or 3rd party service.
This test also checks against common throwaway services. This will not check if the address actually exists, only if the conditions for it existing are met. This means you can enter anything in front of the @


You can use our JSON API to validate addresses. Example: https://cable.ayra.ch/mailcheck/?addr=test@example.com.
You can also only supply a domain name because our validation doesn't requires the local part.
The call above is identical to https://cable.ayra.ch/mailcheck/?addr=example.com.

The answer is delivered as a JSON object with these values:

Codes are as follows:

The dynamic list (Code 4) is for services that constantly buy different domains to evade detection.
Note: This instance has MAIL_AUTO_LIST_UPDATE enabled. This means you will encounter code 4 at most once for a certain host part, after that you will receive code 3.

Addresses without an MX server (code 2) are usually invalid. The standard says that if no MX servers are to be found, the host part in the mail address itself should be treated as MX server and used for mail delivery. Most E-mail provider will reject messages from addresses that lack an MX, so it's unlikely you encounter this code for valid addresses.

User Agent

When using our API, we expect a proper User-Agent header. Headers that are generic or mimic browsers might get your IP blocked. Use a descriptive agent with a help link.
Example: Mail-Checker/1.1 +https://example.com/path/to/help.

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