This application allows you to compress images so they fit a certain file size and dimension limit. The conversion happens entirely in your browser and will not use your bandwidth beyond what has been loaded to display this application. This means our server never sees your image file and there's no limit on file size or dimensions, as long as your browser can load it.

In general you can use all image types that your browser can load and display. The following formats are supported in most major browsers:

  • PNG
  • BMP
  • ICO
  • JPG
  • SVG (It will be silently converted into a PNG)
  • GIF (This will remove animation)
  • APNG (This will remove animation)
  • AVIF
  • WebP

The generated output will always be JPG or PNG.

Select the image you want to compress. If your image is a jpg, the png test will be skipped because it's almost guaranteed to inflate the size.

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If the image has to be smaller than a certain file size, enter it here. You can leave the field blank if no size restriction applies.

Most software uses 1024 as factor for stepping between Bytes, KB and MB. If you know that your software (correctly) uses factor 1000 instead, check this box. If you're unsure, leave the box unchecked. Factor 1024 is much more common than 1000. If you check this box wrongly, your image will be smaller than it needs to be. On the other hand, if the software uses SI and you don't check it, your image might be too large and could be rejected.

If the target has restrictions on the image width and height, you can set them here. You can leave one or both fields blank.

Note: regardless of the sizes you enter here, your image will never be scaled up, only down. Scaling will preserve the aspect ratio. If your image is 2000x1000 pixels and you define a limit of 500x500 pixels, the image will be scaled to 500x250 pixels. Leaving one of the fields blank can be useful in scenarios where all images should have the same width (or height) and the other size is to be adjusted as needed.

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