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# Reliably disable Windows updates on Windows 8 or 10 This Document describes how to reliably enable and disable Windows update to provide a way for you to decide when to update. You need to create two files. Ideally in an easy to access location with the content listed here. Copy the content "as is", including any spacing that seems odd or unnecessary ## File `stop_update.bat` NET stop wuauserv SC config wuauserv start= disabled This file will stop the update service and then set it to disabled. ## File `start_update.bat` SC config wuauserv start= delayed-auto NET start wuauserv wuauclt /detectnow This file will undo what `stop_update.bat` does and immediately schedules a search for updates. ## Usage These scripts allow you to reliably start and stop the windows update service. They need administrative permissions to work. Right click on the files and use "Run as Administrator" [or combine with this framework](#admin_bat). Most common usage scenarios include gaming and streaming. **Note**: Just stopping the update service is not enough because Windows occasionally feels like it's a good idea to just turn it back on when you are not looking. The script disables the service completely to prevent this. ## Automatic Service Restart If you feel like you might forget to turn updates back on, you can configure the windows task scheduler (`taskschd.msc`) to automatically run the start script when the system starts. Let the script run as `SYSTEM` account with highest privileges. Use "Log on of any user" as trigger. # Manual Mode If you don't feel like creating files, you can read below how to manually enable and disable the update service ## Manually disabling 1. [Run](#run) the Windows Service console `services.msc`. 2. Double click on the `Windows Update` entry. 3. Click the "Stop" button if it's available. 4. Chose "Disabled" from the "Startup type" drop down entry. 5. Click "OK" ## Manually Enabling 1. [Run](#run) the Windows Service console `services.msc`. 2. Double click on the `Windows Update` entry. 3. Chose "Automatic (Delayed)" from the "Startup type" drop down entry. 4. Click "Apply" 5. Click the "Start" button if it's available. 6. Click "OK" # Caution Disabling updates will leave your device vulnerable to an increasing number of threats over time. It's recommended that you run updates at least once a month.