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# Abort, Retry, Ignore, Fail If you are a bit older you might know this prompt. Explanation of the options below ## Abort Terminates the application. No cleanup is performed and it's usually a good idea to restart your pc. ## Retry Retries the read/write operation. This makes most sense if the user forgot to insert a disk or close the drive latch (5.25" disks for those that remember). Also possible if the user accidentally ejected the disk before the operation completed. ## Ignore Silently discard the error and return whatever data was already in the buffer with a success code. This can give you partially usable results. You usually have to do this multiple times because it's likely that the damage spans over multiple sectors. ## Fail Returns the error code to the calling application. This was unavailable in early versions of DOS but provides a way for the application itself to handle the problem gracefully. ![Abort, Retry, Ignore, Fail](data/arif.png)