Empty files

This website contains a list of empty files you can download. The files aren't necessarily the smallest possible valid file format for the given extension, but considered "empty" (or "doing nothing") by applications designed to work with them.
Some files can't be empty due to technical limitations. WAV files can have 0 audio bytes but an MP3 file has always at least one frame of audio.

File Name Description
empty.txt0 byte fileFile that is completely empty
empty1.cC CodeC main function
empty2.cC CodeC main function (no stdlib)
empty.zipzipCompletely empty zip archive
empty.7z7-zipCompletely empty 7-zip archive
empty.mp3MP3Constant, 128kbps, 2c
empty_1c.wavPCM WAVRIFF format, 1c,16 bit-LE,44.1k
empty_2c.wavPCM WAVRIFF format, 2c,16 bit-LE,44.1k
empty.riffRIFFJust an empty RIFF header
empty.xlsxExcel xlsxExcel 2010 Document
empty.docxWord docxWord 2010 Document
empty_obj.jsonJSON ObjectEmpty JSON object
empty_arr.jsonJSON ArrayEmpty JSON array
empty_null.jsonJSON NullJSON null
empty_str.jsonJSON StringEmpty JSON string
empty_144.ima1.44 MB Floppy3.5'', 1.44 MB
empty_144_f.ima1.44 MB FloppyFAT12 Formatted, 3.5'', 1.44 MB
Don't rely on the id in the download links. If new formats are inserted they can change.