RSDF, CFF & DLC decrypter


This is a convenient decrypter for the most common link formats.

Browser Version

click here to decrypt containers in your browser


You can install from the Github repository. Either build the project or use one of the builds. You need at least version 4.1. Older versions are incompatible.


From Terminal

This is currently not working but I'm working on this for version 4.2

Run Decrypter.exe <Input.dlc> [output.txt]. The output is optional and will place a list of links into the given file. The file is overwritten if it exists.

From Itself

Open the application and then chose a file to decrypt

From Explorer

Use install.bat to link file extensions, then simply double click the container you want to decrypt

About this site

This website serves as one of the decryption endpoints.
We already decrypted 59996 unique container files.


The API of this website is public

General requirements

There's a limit on the number of calls per day. Unless your tool runs into an infinite loop it's unlikely you are going to hit that limit. Please make sure you send a proper User-Agent string with your requests. We reserve the right to block clients that use a generic or non descriptive string. A good user agent is something similar to this format: UserName-AppName/1.0 +https://url/to/product

Failing to respect these conditions can result in your IP being blocked server wide.

Checking for a container

Send a GET request to decrypt.php?mode=check&name=X with X being the sha1 hash of your dlc file content.
If the hash is already in our system, you will be presented with the link container content. See the chapter below for the format of the answer.

Decrypting a container

Send the raw file content in a POST request to decrypt.php?mode=m with m being one of these: rsdf ccf dlc. Do not URL encode the file or upload the file as multipart/form-data, just upload it as if it were copy and pasted into the request body. Your Content-Type header will not be evaluated. You will receive a JSON object as answer with this format:
message contains information about the operations performed or failed.
success is true if the container was decrypted, false otherwise.
data contains the link list (provided success is set to true).

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