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About this clock

This is a GPS master clock you are free to use.


Time is displayed in UTC.


You are free to call the API if you want to include it in your projects.
When calling the API, it automatically waits for the second to occur. This means you can call it immediately again if you receive a successful response. If you receive an error response, we recommend to wait for at least 500ms before you try again.


The clock is currently reading from an unknown number of GPS sources (number updates every second).

The Setup

The Master clock sits on my bedside table (no joke). The top part is only the display and is optional. I will eventually hang it on the wall. The bottom part is the clock itself. It also has a display included.
Behind the clock is a raspberry pi (below the display) and a transformer because the clock only accepts US voltage but doesn't care for the frequency.
On the raspberry pi, this website is hosted. It also runs a C# program that interfaces with the clock and allows multiple users to read from the clock at once. The connection to the clock is via USB (emulated serial).

Data format for API

The API returns a JSON object upon calling it.
The JSON object contains the following keys:
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