Apache Windows Installer

This page offers Apache installations that are easy to use.


  • Installs Apache with OpenSSL
  • Installs required Visual C++ Runtime
  • Fully self contained. No internet is required for installation
  • Supports upgrade of earlier installations. Just run a new installer over an older version and have it updated. Settings will be preserved.
  • Signed installer to prevent tampering
  • 64 bit only

Optional tasks

  • Register Apache as service
  • Harden permissions
  • Install PHP
  • Install headers and libraries to develop your own modules
  • Install PHP debug symbols
  • Install documentation
  • Configure firewall exception


Unless your current installation has serious issues, do not uninstall an old installation before installing a new version. Uninstalling the old version will delete your custom PHP and Apache configuration files. If you decide to uninstall anyways, be aware that the contents of the "htdocs" folder will not be removed and you need to do so manually if you want to delete the content the server hosts too.
Apache Version PHP Version Download
2.4.588.3.359.48 MB
2.4.558.2.459.46 MB
2.4.548.1.858.42 MB
2.4.528.1.157.81 MB
2.4.518.1.157.8 MB
2.4.518.0.1155.74 MB
2.4.498.0.1155.74 MB
2.4.488.0.1055.7 MB
2.4.488.0.955.7 MB
2.4.488.0.855.67 MB
2.4.478.0.656.02 MB
2.4.468.0.155.7 MB
2.4.468.0.055.62 MB
2.4.467.4.1354.23 MB
2.4.467.4.1254.62 MB
2.4.467.4.1154.61 MB
2.4.467.4.1054.61 MB
2.4.467.4.954.6 MB
2.4.467.4.854.6 MB
2.4.437.4.854.6 MB
Updates to Apache and PHP often happen because of potential or confirmed vulnerabilities in the software itself or 3rd party components in use by the software. Unless you have very good reason to do so, you should never install older versions.

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