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The channel and user list will auto update every 60 Seconds.

If you are on the server for at least 50 hours total and still have the "Guest" group, you will get a better group assigned automatically.
Click here for details on the groups.

Your online time is not counted under certain circumstances to make sure you actually participated in conversations in these 50 hours.


Click here to connect if Teamspeak 3 is installed. If it is not, you can manually connect to cable.ayra.ch on the default port (9987).
This server requires a higher security level than normal (25 instead of 8). You don't have to do anything. If your level is not high enough, you are asked to increase it during the first connection. This applies to your identity and not only to this server, you will be able to connect to any server that requires this level or lower in an instant.

This server will not accept multiple connections from the same IP

Special Users / Bots

There are no special users or bots on this server currently

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